Grass Paper: Display Solutions

With Our solutions you can feel the Grass

The issue of environmental sustainability and the circular economy has been at the center of several discussions in recent years, but now that the Covid-19 pandemic has struck and still strikes the world, it’s necessary to re-evaluate and redefine our patterns of behavior; this applies not only to the end consumer but also to the industry

As a result, there is an increasing demand for Eco-friendly packaging and display solutions. For this reason we also produce Grass Paper products.

Grass Paper: Soluzioni Display in Carta Erba

What’s the Grass Paper?

Grass Paper is Eco-Friendly because it can contain up to 40% of grass fibres and this reduces CO2 emissions by 75% during the raw material production process, as well as considerable water savings. There is also a great energy saving and do not use chemical additives.

 In addition, the grass used as raw material is not taken away from the animals to which it serves as food, but only comes from compensation areas near the production plants.

Our Displays made of Grass Paper are 100% recyclable, FSC certified, printed in high quality with water-based and food-safe inks.